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Owned and operated by The Aspire Business Group (Switzerland) Ltd., indiaNasia stores are specially conceived mini super markets that sell foods, beverages, and non-food items predominantly from India, complemented by leader products from the Asian region. 

A typical store will have a minimum of space of 130 square meters of commercial space, highlighted by a clean and clear layout that ensures enjoyable Asian shopping experience in major Swiss and in European Cities. The size of the store could go up to 300 square meters, depending on the location of the stores.

indiaNasia Stores will be complemented by a full-fledged online shop to serve our customers who wish to have their favorite Asian products delivered to them stress-free. 

We aspire to operate concept stores that sell products that are of exceptional quality in authentic tastes and other characteristics. 

We aspire to be perceived as the Number One one-stop destination for lovers of consumer products from India and from the greater Asian region. 

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